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November 2013 Archives

Iowa increases patrols during Thanksgiving weekend

Drivers in Iowa understand that they could encounter various dangers on the roadway. During the winter months this does not only mean a chance for winter storms but it is also a time where various holidays fall. This means parties and family gatherings where alcohol might be consumed. Although it is a joyous time of year, it is also a time of year where drivers need to be careful. In addition to snow-covered roads, driver could be intoxicated and could cause a drunk driving accident.

Car collides with semi-truck killing 1 and injuring another

Distracted driving is a growing concern for drivers. Iowa residents understand that the simple task of texting or even talking on the phone while driving could be very dangerous. When drivers are not properly paying attention the road, they might move into another lane or travel too close to the vehicle ahead of them. Either of these could lead to a serious accident that could result in serious injuries or even death.

Two-car collision in Iowa kills two and injures two

Although drivers seek to avoid collisions, Iowa drivers are aware that accidents do happen. Whether it is during rush hour, on a major road or in a residential area, a simple distraction could cause a serious car accident to ensue. This could impact other drivers and passengers causing serious injuries and even fatalities.

Two-vehicle crash in Iowa kills one and sends another to hospital

Although incidents can occur at anytime and for any reason, Iowa drivers are aware that heavy traffic also means a higher chance of collisions. A car accident could result when a driver is not properly paying attention, speeding or following too close to the car in front of them. Although some drivers are able to evade crashes, these habits are dangerous and could seriously injure or kill others traveling on the road.

Can an individual be too drunk to be held responsible?

When individuals become significantly intoxicated or high, their ordinary brain functions become impaired. This is primarily why individuals are not legally allowed to drive while impaired and why many drugs have been outlawed. Impaired judgment and compromised brain functions can lead to harmful decision-making that would never ordinarily be embraced by the individual.

Drunk driver who confessed on YouTube receives sentence

In early September, a young man uploaded a video to YouTube in which he confessed to killing an individual in a drunk driving accident. The video did not contain an accidental confession. In fact, the young man states that the "video will act as my confession" during the tape. He identifies both himself and his victim by name.

Iowa authorities investigate fatal two-car crash

For Iowa drivers, early morning commutes often means traffic. Many of the drivers are in a rush to get to work or school and heavy traffic causes frustration. In addition to getting aggravated during stop and go traffic, drivers are prone to distractions during this type of traffic. Drivers will often pull out their phone and use it to text, email or search on the Internet. This can be very risky because when a driver takes their eyes off the road even for a short time, they could cause a collision.

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