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Driver injured after garbage truck crashes into vehicle

Whether in route to work or driving a vehicle for work, drivers in Iowa should be aware of all the potential risks and dangers that are present on the roadway. Even if a driver practices safe driving, a negligent or distracted driver could be the cause of an accident resulting in serious injuries, severe damages and even fatalities. A driver who speeds, fails to yield to other drivers, ignores traffic signs or signals, travels too closely to other vehicles or texts while driving could be the cause of an accident that alters the life of several people.

Recently, an automobile was engulfed in flames following a truck accident. The collision involved a passenger car and a garbage truck and happened near the intersection of Barclay Road and Nesbit Road at around 3:50 p.m. The Black Haw County Sheriff's office responded to the garbage truck crash that occurred in Dunkerton.

When emergency responders arrived to the scene, the car was on fire. The driver of the vehicle was transported to the hospital for treatment of the injuries he suffered, which were reported to not be life threatening. Investigation of the crash is ongoing but preliminary reports indicate that the accident was caused when the garbage truck driver failed to obey a stop sign. The garbage truck driver what cited for this infraction.

In addition to a traffic violation, the garbage truck driver and the driver's employer could face civil liabilities. The injured driver could file a personal injury claim to recover the costs of medical bills, damages and pain and suffering. The driver could solely face these liabilities, but if the employer was negligent in hiring an unsafe driver, they too could face liabilities.

A truck accident could cause much damage and serious injuries and create financial hardships. Filing for compensation can help alleviate the bills associated with the accident.

Source: WCF Courier, "Car-garbage truck crash near Dunkerton sends man to hospital," Sept. 13, 2013

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