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One killed and two injured in Iowa collision

The loss of a loved one can be a traumatic experience. Losing a loved one in an accident is not only hard to cope with, but could also leave family members with several questions. The families of victims may not fully understand the cause of the accident or why they died. This can further complicate the coping process. A fatal accident can affect several people beyond those directly involved in the incident.

A death followed an accident that recently occurred near Reinbeck. Authorities responded to the two-vehicle collision that happened shortly after 5 p.m. on County Road T-55. According to preliminary reports, the accident occurred when a truck rear-ended a vehicle that was pulling into the driveway.

Following the collision, the passenger, who was the wife of the driver in the struck vehicle, was transported to the hospital where she later died. The driver of both the car and the truck suffered injuries and were transported to the hospital for treatment.

The collision remains under investigation and no citations have been issued at this time. The driver of the struck vehicle might have a cause of action in this case. First, it is important that the investigation is properly conducted and completed. This could reveal if negligence was the cause.

If investigators find that the driver of the truck was responsible for the accident, the driver of the other vehicle could file a personal injury suit and a wrongful death claim on behalf of his wife. This could result in compensation to recover the cost of medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages, loss of companionship and other damages.

Being both injured in an accident and losing a loved one in the same accident could create significant hardships. It is not only a tragic and emotional experience but could result in significant financial burdens. In cases like this, it is important that accident victims understand their situation and possible options to gain compensation and alleviate any financial burdens.

Source: KCRG, "Grundy County Crash Kills One, Injures Two," Aug. 18, 2013

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