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Iowa City man killed in two-car collision

Tragedy can often fill the roadways. Iowa residents and drivers passing through will often witness collisions of various magnitudes. Small collisions such as fender benders can frequently occur, but when a serious car accident occurs, the incident will often result in serious injuries, severe damages and even fatalities. These accidents not only affect those directly involved but also their loved ones who are coping with their death or are caring for those injured.

A fatal car crash recently occurred on Highway 6 in Iowa City. The incident involved a local man trying to cross Highway 6 at around 9:04 p.m. During this attempt, the 52-year-old man collided with another vehicle that was operated by a 28-year-old female and traveling west on Highway 6.

Emergency crews responded to the collision and assessed the drivers. The male driver was transported to the hospital where he later died. It wasn't reported whether the female driver was injured in the incident. Officials are still investigating the collision in order to determine the cause. At this time, there are no speculations for the cause such as speeding or negligence.

In this case, the deceased driver may have contributed to the accident and the two drivers could both be liable. Whether one or both drivers are at fault, a wrongful death claim might still be possible. The loved ones of the deceased driver could file the claim in order to recover costs associated with the fatal accident. The monetary award could help cover medical bills, funeral costs, damages and lost wages.

A fatal accident is a tough event to deal with. The loved ones of a deceased driver could endure serious emotional distress and financial hardships following their death. Understanding if filing for compensation is an option is important. This would not only alleviate any financial hardships the accident created but also help with the coping process.

Source: KWWL, "Iowa City man killed in Highway 6 accident," Eric Page, Aug. 26, 2013

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