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Multi-car crash injures two, totals two vehicles

Simply put, accidents are unexpected. They can happen at any moment and anywhere. Moreover, they can involve numerous victims, cause severe damage and result in serious injuries. Car accidents occur on major roads as well as back roads, so it is important that drivers take precaution at all times.

Emergency crews recently responded to a three-vehicle collision on Highway 9 near Lester. Shortly after 6 p.m., a driver's vehicle was T-boned by another vehicle. The victim has been attempting to turn at a church. Some items flew out of the back of the vehicle that struck the turning car, and those objects in turn struck the vehicle behind them.

All three vehicles sustained damage, although the two automobiles initially in the collision were reported to be totaled. In addition, both drivers of the two cars in the initial crash were transported to the hospital for the injuries they suffered. Police officers are still investigating the crash and no citations have been issued at this time.

When a multi-vehicle collision occurs, it is important that all drivers make a statement to help with the investigation. This will also help determine fault and liability. In some case, when there are numerous vehicles involved in a crash, one or more drivers is at fault. This could raise questions of comparative negligence. When seeking compensation for losses through a personal injury claim, it is important to understand the damages that victims can receive compensation for such as medical bills, property damage and pain and suffering.

No matter where or when an accident occurs, it is important that all drivers take the necessary steps to obtain the needed information and relay that information to the authorities. This will help speed up the investigation process and assist them if they have any claims filed.

Source: Argus Leader, "Argus 911: Two cars totaled in Iowa accident," June 07, 2013

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