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Fatal truck accident claims one life in Rock Rapids, Iowa

Drivers are well aware of the dangers that are present on the roadway, but sometimes these hazards cannot be avoided no matter how much precaution is taken. This is especially true when another driver is negligent and causes an accident. Automobile collisions can cause serious injuries, severe damages, and fatalities.

A semi-truck accident that claimed the life of an elderly man and left his wife injured recently occurred in Rock Rapids, Iowa. Emergency crews and police were called to the intersection of 260th Street and Elmwood Avenue in Rock Rapids one evening to respond to a collision in the middle of that intersection. Although the investigation may be ongoing, police determined that the driver of the semi-truck attempted to make a left turn onto 260th Street from a southbound lane on Elmwood Street. According to reports, the truck driver waited for a vehicle to pass thought he intersection but failed to see the vehicle traveling behind the car he was waiting for. The truck began to turn left in front of the second vehicle and caused the collision in the intersection.

Emergency crews found the driver of the automobile in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. The 79-year-old man was transported to the hospital where he later died. The driver's wife was a passenger in the car and suffered injuries as well. She was transported to the hospital and survived the crash with injuries that did not seem to be permanent. The condition of the truck driver was not reported. The truck accident is still under investigation, but the truck driver was cited for his failure to yield.

A person injured in an accident like this could receive compensation for his or her injuries through a lawsuit, and the loved ones of a person killed in a truck crash like this could receive compensation as well. A personal injury claim or a wrongful death suit could result in a monetary award for the damages that resulted from the accident. Expenses such as medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages and pain and suffering could be covered by the award from the suit.

The aftermath of a fatal truck accident can be tragic. The loved ones of an injured or killed victim in a crash can be seriously impacted both emotionally and financially. Compensation can significantly help a grieving family with any financial burdens that resulted from the accident.

Source: Daily Globe, "Iowa man dies in car-vs-semi accident," June 19, 2013

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