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May 2013 Archives

Iowa drivers: Share the road to prevent motorcycle accidents

With the warmer weather, for many Des Moines residents there is nothing quite like being able to take the motorcycle out for a spin. Even if it is driving someone mundane -- like the grocery store or to and from work -- for many there is just something exhilarating about being on a bike on the open road.

Will reducing the legal limit reduce drunk driving fatalities?

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed in accidents caused by drivers who are not legally over the driving limit, but who still have a good deal of alcohol in their systems. Due to the fact that 10,000 people are still dying every year in drunk driving accidents, the National Transportation Safety Board recently made the recommendation for the blood-alcohol concentration level to be reduced.

How trained in driving are Iowa ambulance drivers?

Picture driving down the highway: You hear an ambulance approaching with sirens blaring in the distance. You look ahead and in your review, wanting to make sure to get out of the way before the ambulance comes speeding past. The last thing anyone would want in this situation is a car accident.

Study: Some teens think drinking makes them better drivers

While schools in Iowa have taken an active role in discouraging teens from drinking and driving, many teenage drivers still believe they are invincible and decide to get behind the wheel after drinking or using marijuana. Some of these teens even believe they are better drivers while under the influence. Of course, these type of behaviors and attitudes can greatly increase the chances of getting into a drunk driving accident.

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