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April 2013 Archives

Did driver negligence or a mechanical issue cause Ames accident?

While some accidents are clearly caused by a negligent driver, there are other accidents where the real issue was defective car design or dangerous auto parts. When it comes to these defective parts or car designs, this is often not figured out until the investigation after the crash. In other cases, an accident can be caused by a combination of negligence and auto defects.

Des Moines woman faces charges for fatal hit-and-run accident

It is common sense, but those hit by cars or trucks while walking do not have as many protections as the driver inside of the vehicle. These pedestrians who are hit by cars tend to run the risk of suffering from very serious injuries that can even be fatal. When this happens, a pedestrian accident can end up leading not only to criminal charges against the driver responsible for the crash, but it can also mean a wrongful death lawsuit against that driver.

Did improper merging cause Iowa truck accident?

While of course it is possible for a truck driver to change lanes safely, if the driver is careless and just merges into another lane, this can lead to an accident. As of now, this seems to be exactly what happened to cause an accident in Iowa that resulted in injuries to two women. The truck driver was fine.

Driver pleads guilty to crash that killed Iowa State student

A 62-year-old recently pleaded guilty to one count of criminal vehicular operation and one count of criminal vehicular homicide in relation to a December 2011 accident that claimed the life of an Iowa State student. The 62-year-old was reportedly under the influence at the time of the crash and did not even initially realize he had struck three people.

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