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Russell Brand faces lawsuit after pedestrian accident

Pedestrian accidents in Iowa can become quite tricky. The driver may be attempting to claim the pedestrian darted out in front of their car or that the runner improperly crossed the street. For the person who was injured, these types of accidents can also result in lifelong disabilities and ongoing pain.

Recently, a lawsuit was filed against comedian Russell Brand. This was the second lawsuit filed following the January 2012 pedestrian accident. This most recently filed lawsuit is seeking substantially more in damages.

The pedestrian is seeking $185,000 in damages, citing injuries to his hand, arm and hip. In his first lawsuit, which was filed in October 2012, the pedestrian was seeking $25,000. It is possible that after incurring more medical costs or continuing to experience discomfort well after the accident that the pedestrian decided to up the amount he is seeking in the lawsuit.

After the first lawsuit was filed, Brand responded by saying that the injuries that man suffers from are due to his own "physical bodily condition and constitutional composition." Essentially, Brand is trying to claim the man's injuries are not related to being hit by a car.

As this case goes to show, pedestrian accidents can become quite complex. There can be liability issues, on top of insurance issues. Drivers and pedestrians can also have their own accounts of what happened, which only further confuses the entire issue.

This is why those who are hit by cars in Iowa are encouraged to seek out legal representation in order to ensure that if they are entitled to any compensation, they receive that compensation.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Russell Brand Lawsuit: Pedestrian In Car Accident Asking For $185,000 In Damages," March 11, 2013

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