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September 2012 Archives

Medical Errors Highlighted Amid New Study on Doctor Burnout

A new study conducted by researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, reveals some alarming facts about doctor burnout. Many are now wondering how this burnout is affecting patient care and if it's increasing the potential for medical mistakes.

New Report on Pedestrian Deaths Reveals Interesting Commonalities

We have serious traffic safety laws governing crosswalks and intersections for an important reason: pedestrian safety. The human body is no match for a car, bus or truck, and traffic-control rules are designed to protect people from being hit by potentially deadly vehicles.

New "Car Talking" Technology Could Reduce Incidences of Auto Accidents

Every day, we are inundated with stories of motor vehicle accidents that happen because drivers are texting, typing, or carrying on conversations with their mobile devices. However, a new, promising development is underway that may help prevent the occurrences of auto accidents in today's 21-century multitasking society.

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