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Iowa Sees Decline in Auto-Accident Fatalities, Follows Suit With Nationwide Trend

According to the Iowa Department of Public safety, one person has died every day in an auto accident within the state of Iowa. The good news is that fewer people have died this year than last.

Year to date, 236 total individuals have lost their lives in auto-accident fatalities; down from 390 people last year. These fatalities include Michael Collins, a volunteer firefighter, who was killed after being hit in Shelby, Iowa, while directing traffic, Iowa State Trooper Mark Toney, who was killed in Indianola, and four elderly women who died in a single-car accident in West Des Moines.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety Commissioner Larry Noble says, "It's been difficult to see so many die on Iowa's roadways...Losing Trooper Mark Toney was particularly hard for the Department of Public Safety and the state patrol."

However, a couple of months remain in 2011-leaving the potential for this year's roadway fatalities to surpass 2010. The farm harvest and holiday seasons that are about to kick off are particularly worrisome.

During the harvest season, farm vehicles frequent the roadways. Noble says that drivers should take caution when they see these vehicles traversing the roads. Additionally, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season often involve drinking alcohol, and at times, drinking and driving.

The number of auto-accident fatalities has also decreased nationwide. According to the Department of Transportation, over 32,000 nationwide car-accident deaths occurred in 2010; down from over 43,000 in 2009. The agency attributes the decline to several factors including the passage of laws regulating texting while driving and the implementation of new and better auto-safety features.

Some Des Moines car accident lawyers say that laws, safety features, and continuous public awareness can hopefully help to decrease auto accidents and fatalities within the state.


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