Iowa Truck Company Negligence Lawyers

Truck Accidents Arising From Negligent Maintenance, Loading or Hiring

A trucking company can be accountable for the reckless actions of a truck driver, but what if the trucker did nothing wrong? Many truck accidents can be traced to negligence on the part of the employer or the entities that own the tractor or loaded the trailer.

Liability is always the first element of a personal injury case, and it can be a steep challenge in trucking accidents. The experienced trial lawyers of Galligan Reid PC have the knowledge and network of experts to identify all the liable parties and hold them accountable.

Our Des Moines law firm is committed to safer Iowa roadways. We aid the mission by holding trucking firms accountable for practices contrary to public safety. Contact us today for a free consultation if your loved one was injured or killed.

Iowa Truck Company Negligence Attorneys

Truck accident scenes can resemble war zones, with debris and destruction covering a wide swath. Sorting out what happened requires prompt and sophisticated investigation. The experienced attorneys of Galligan Reid PC, along with our hand-picked experts, are skilled at identifying the corporate negligence that caused or contributed to the crash:

  • Neglected maintenance and inspection (bald tires, bad brakes, broken lights)
  • Improper loading of freight (unbalanced, poorly secured)
  • Overloaded trucks (increased stopping distance, decreased maneuverability)
  • Negligent transport of hazardous cargo
  • Logbook violations and other willful violations of federal trucking regulations
  • Negligent hiring and training (prior DUI, prior accidents, multiple traffic violations)

Experienced Trial Lawyers Committed to Full Compensation

There may be multiple defendants in 18-wheeler accidents. One company may own the cab while another company owns the trailer. There may be third parties who employed the driver, loaded the freight or serviced the truck. Trucking accidents tend to be high-value cases because of catastrophic or fatal outcomes, so we work extra hard to identify all liable parties and make them pay their commensurate share of the damages owed to our client.

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