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Did the Truck Driver Have Any Business Being on the Road?

Driver fatigue is a leading factor in many truck accidents, and trucking accidents are far more likely to cause catastrophic injuries or death. For this reason, over-the-road truckers are strictly regulated by the federal government regarding how many hours they can drive and how much rest they must take between shifts.

These rules are routinely and blatantly ignored by truck drivers and their employers, sometimes with disastrous results. If your family member was injured or killed by a sleepy truck driver, Galligan Reid PC will take aggressive action to hold the trucking company responsible.

Our Des Moines personal injury lawyers have helped make Iowa safer by holding truckers and trucking firms accountable for putting profit ahead of public safety. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

Des Moines Truck Driver Fatigue Attorney

We have handled trucking accidents on Interstate I-80, I-35 and I-235, on U.S. Routes 65, 69 and 6, and on transportation corridors and feeder roads throughout Iowa. We work with accident reconstructionists and other professionals who can help us investigate the truck crash scene to determine the cause and contributing factors.

Driver fatigue is one of the most common factors. Drowsy truckers may cross the centerline, drift into an adjacent lane, blow through a red light or stop sign or rear-end another vehicle.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) limits the number of consecutive hours that the driver of an 18-wheeler can operate without rest. Many drivers push on well past this limit. The DOT also mandates that over-the-road truckers get a minimum amount of rest (preferably sleeping) between shifts. Many truckers skip this requirement or cut it short.

Attorneys Who Understand Trucking Accident Investigation

We obtain driver's logbooks, and compare them against gas receipts, GPS data, the onboard black box data and other evidence to prove that the fatigued driver and his or her rig should have been off the road.

Armed with this evidence of truck driver negligence, we demand maximum compensation for victims of truck accidents or grieving families whose loved one was needlessly killed. To schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Iowa driver fatigue attorney, contact Galligan Reid PC today.