Iowa Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

Holding Commercial Drivers and Their Employers Accountable for Injury

When delivery drivers are in a hurry, public safety takes a back seat. Many who drive commercial vehicles for a living do not have formal training or clean driving records. Putting these people behind the wheel of a truck too often results in injury to other motorists who share the road.

If you were seriously hurt in a collision with a delivery truck or other commercial vehicle, the personal injury lawyers of Galligan Reid PC can help. We are experienced at holding commercial drivers and their employers responsible for the physical, financial and personal harm.

Based in Des Moines, we handle truck accidents throughout Iowa. Contact us today for a free consultation and prompt investigation to preserve evidence important to your recovery of damages.

Des Moines Commercial Truck Accident Attorneys

We are equipped to conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of any collision involving commercial vehicles such as:

  • Over-the-road freight haulers (18-wheelers)
  • Box trucks, flatbeds and moving vans
  • Package delivery trucks (UPS, FedEx or DHL)
  • Garbage trucks
  • Utility or construction vehicles
  • Private buses, shuttles, taxis or limos
  • Pizza delivery cars

From small businesses with one freight truck or delivery van to major corporations with fleets of trucks, Galligan Reid PC has the resources to hold them accountable. We are skilled at showing the driver error, the shoddy maintenance, the improper loading or other negligence that caused the crash or contributed to injuries.

Iowa Delivery Truck Accident Attorneys

Commercial drivers have a higher duty to safety because of the size of their trucks and the potential for major injury or death. They may also have a higher duty by virtue of a commercial driver's license and the state and federal regulations that apply to CDL drivers.

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