Skilled Legal Representation for Syngenta Lawsuits

Corn cultivation is crucial for many Iowa farmers. The recent Syngenta GMO corn lawsuit has significantly impacted Iowa farmers, and the lawyers at Galligan & Reid, P.C., have become involved in lawsuits against Syngenta.

The trial attorneys at Galligan & Reid, P.C., have significant experience handling injury, wrongful death and class action lawsuit claims. We are committed to helping create a safer Iowa and holding negligent parties accountable for their actions.

Syngenta And China GMO Claims: Representing Iowa Farmers

Multiple actions have been filed against Syngenta involving GMO corn issues. One of the main issues is that China is rejecting corn supplies that are genetically altered and allegedly contain GMOs. The backlash from the lawsuit affects farmers across the state of Iowa, who rely on crop supply sales in order to keep farms/family businesses up and running.

Our trial attorneys have taken action and are representing clients against Syngenta in GMO-related claims. We advocate for Iowa farmers by providing aggressive representation, knowledgeable legal advice and by acting as skilled negotiators in the courtroom.

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