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Iowa Product Liability Attorneys

Des Moines Defective Product Lawyers

At Galligan & Reid, P.C., we are advocates for consumer safety, as well as experienced personal injury trial attorneys. While we encourage all Iowans to protect themselves by paying attention to consumer alerts, recalls and product advisories, we are here to take action for the injured or grieving when products are inherently dangerous or marketed without proper safety testing.

If you believe you have been injured by a dangerous product, we want to hear your story and help you carefully evaluate options for seeking compensation that will address your medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. In other situations, our investigation of your motor vehicle accident, a fire or explosion, or other catastrophic event may reveal that the manufacturer of a defective product is liable for harm done to you and your family.

Dangerous Product Cases Involving Medical Devices, Auto Defects and More

Backed by a quarter of a century as an Iowa law firm respected for earning results and operating with integrity, we have access to quality investigators and product safety experts whose knowledge may be critical for building your case involving:

  • Automobile design or part defects that cause tire blowouts and rollovers, sudden acceleration crashes, fuel-line car fires and other injury-causing events
  • Seat belt, seat back, child car seat or other defects that can cause dramatically worsened outcomes for drivers and passengers involved in a wreck
  • Serious injuries or a wrongful death caused by unsafe tools, toys, lawn care equipment, industrial equipment or other defective products

Benefit From Thorough, Honest Evaluation of Your Legal Rights and Options

Failures to warn of known dangers, safety-test products adequately for the market, and move aggressively to acknowledge and correct product safety problems put people at serious risk. We believe in holding people financially accountable for negligence that harms others — and that may mean proving liability on the part of a product manufacturer, distributor, retailer or someone else.

To consult free with an Iowa product liability lawyer committed to accurately assessing your case and legal rights in order to guide you along the most productive legal path, please contact us at Galligan & Reid, P.C., today.




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