Iowa Third-Party Liability Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawsuits for Workplace Injuries

Under the workers' compensation system, you surrender the right to sue your employer in exchange for no-fault medical and wage loss benefits. However, you always retain the right to sue third parties outside the chain of employment who caused or contributed to your accident.

The personal injury attorneys of Galligan Reid PC are committed to maximizing your compensation for a work-related accident, by enforcing your workers' compensation rights and pursuing any third-party actions for additional damages.

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Workers' Compensation May Not Cover Your Losses

You are covered by workers' compensation regardless of who was at fault. However, wage benefits are capped and you may not be adequately compensated for future medical care, permanent disability and lost earning capacity. These damages are not restricted in a personal injury lawsuit, and you can also collect for pain and suffering, a potentially large recovery that is not available through workers' comp.

Iowa Third-Party Liability Attorneys for Work-Related Accidents

In general, you cannot sue your employer, supervisor or co-workers, even if their negligence directly caused your injuries. However, you may have viable claims for negligence against third parties such as:

  • Subcontractors who caused an accident on a job site
  • Manufacturers of machinery and equipment
  • Property owners who created a safety hazard
  • Motorists who caused an on-duty vehicle accident

Galligan Reid PC possesses the knowledge and financial means to pursue damages in these and other scenarios of third-party accountability. When necessary, we bring in OSHA workplace safety experts, product engineers, accident reconstruction specialists, vocational rehabilitation experts and other professionals to help establish liability and damages.

Des Moines Work Injury Attorneys Committed to Your Recovery

The legal team at Galligan Reid PC understands that your livelihood has been taken away from you, perhaps permanently, and that there are many barriers to the monetary compensation you and your family deserve. We put our full energy and resources behind our clients to fight for justice.

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