Iowa Equipment Injury Attorney

Workplace Accidents Caused by Dangerous Machinery and Equipment

If you were seriously injured by workplace machinery or equipment, you may not be limited to the benefits of workers' compensation. Galligan Reid PC offers the experienced representation to pursue damages from outside companies that manufactured, rented or serviced the equipment.

Our Des Moines personal injury and work injury lawyers have successfully sued third parties for the physical, financial and personal devastation caused by dangerous or defective machines and workplace apparatus.

We represent injured workers and grieving families throughout Iowa. Contact us today for a free consultation about all potential claims for a work-related equipment accident.

Product Liability in Work Injury Litigation

Except in very limited cases, you cannot bring a lawsuit against your employer even if a supervisor or co-worker was negligent. However, if the machinery or equipment was inherently dangerous or modified by a third party in a way that made it unsafe, you may have grounds to sue that company.

We can maximize your workers' compensation claims while exploring any third-party actions relating to:

  • Harnesses and safety gear
  • Scaffolding and platforms
  • Power tools or pneumatic equipment
  • Conveyor belts, presses, saws and other machinery
  • Forklifts or manlifts
  • Cranes, backhoes and heavy equipment
  • Equipment fires, explosions or electrical shock

Iowa Equipment Injury Lawyers · Des Moines Machinery Injury Lawyers

We are familiar with a wide range of serious and catastrophic injuries, including amputation, crush injuries, broken bones, injuries to the back and neck, injuries to knee and shoulder joints, spinal cord injuries, brain trauma, nerve damage and burns.

Our experienced trial lawyers have extensive experience in products liability litigation. We invest in experts from many fields, including product engineers and workplace safety experts, to help build a compelling case for liability. We also work with a wide range of professionals to calculate appropriate damages for the lasting disability, lost earnings and pain and suffering.

If you suffered an industrial equipment injury or a loved one was badly hurt or killed by equipment failure, arrange a free consultation today with our Des Moines attorneys.