Burns, Explosions and Electrocutions

When employers fail to take safety precautions, employees often suffer the consequences. For example, if chemicals aren't stored properly, explosions can cause serious burn injuries to nearby workers. When equipment isn't properly maintained, cords can become frayed and result in electrocution.

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Protecting the Interests of People Who Have Suffered Serious Burns

People can suffer burn injuries in a wide range of circumstances — which means that legal claims related to burn injuries can vary immensely. Oftentimes, we represent employees who have been injured as the result of industrial accidents. These accidents can be caused by defective products, such as poorly designed and dangerous equipment. Burn injuries may also be caused by a company's failure to take adequate safety precautions when storing volatile and flammable chemicals.

Because of the nature of these accidents, we work to recover full compensation for burn injury victims. Full compensation can ensure that an injury victim can pay for necessary reconstructive surgery and rehabilitative therapy. Full compensation can help care for a family, who would otherwise suffer financial consequences of time lost from work.

Effective litigation for workplace accidents also helps to protect future workers. When companies are forced to pay for their negligence, they are more likely to make changes to improve workplace safety, thereby avoiding future injuries and accidents.

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