Iowa Neck Injury Lawyer

Serious and Disabling Neck or Back Injuries

What we refer to as "the neck" or "the back" is actually a complex structure of bones, muscles, connective tissues and nerves. Damage to any component can be not only painful but also completely debilitating.

Insurance companies, employers and defense lawyers are often skeptical of back and neck injuries because the damage is not visible. The person may appear outwardly fine while living with chronic pain, limited mobility and constant fear of aggravating the injury.

The Des Moines personal injury lawyers of Galligan Reid PC help clients validate the extent of these injuries and the resulting limitations and hardships. Contact us today for a free consultation.

We routinely handle back and neck injuries from motor vehicle accidents, from workplace accidents and from slip-and-falls. We have the means and the experience to conduct a swift and sophisticated investigation to preserve evidence and establish liability. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Iowa Neck Injury and Back Injury Attorneys

If you have any residual pain, numbness or stiffness in your back or neck after an accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Your injuries may be worse than you thought and a timely diagnosis and treatment may prevent further damage. The medical records are also critical to your later claims for personal injury damages or workers' compensation.

We work closely with clients and their doctors to document the extent of injury and the extent of recovery. We have secured compensation for the full spectrum of neck and back injuries, including:

Experienced Trial Lawyers Who Understand the Value of Your Claims

We work to ensure that clients get the medical care they need, such as discectomy, fusion surgery or other surgical remedy, as well as physical therapy, medical equipment, pain medications or special accommodations.

In cases of lasting or permanent injury, we work with life-care planners, economists and physicians to determine lost earning capacity and future care needs, as well as appropriate damages for disability and our clients' pain and suffering.

Detailing the damages is only half the battle. Our experienced litigators will stand up to insurance companies and corporations to demand your rightful compensation, and we are prepared to take your case to a jury if settlement offers do not cover your losses.

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Our legal advocacy has won damages for individuals and helped make all of Iowa safer by holding negligent parties accountable for serious injuries. To discuss your injury or your family member's accident with an experienced injury lawyer, call or email Galligan Reid PC today for a free consultation.