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When you entrusted the well-being of your elderly or disabled loved one to a nursing home or other type of long-term care facility, you rightfully expected that the institution would watch out for your family member's safety and well-being. If your mother or father was in a nursing home because of risks posed by dementia or Alzheimer's disease, you of course expected that security procedures would prevent wandering off, abuse or abduction.

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No wonder, then, that you and your family are shocked, worried and grief-stricken after your loved one wandered off and was injured. How could a resident of the long-term care facility just leave the premises without anyone noticing? Put your mind at rest by doing the right thing and insisting on a full investigation of the incident. If your loved one suffered injury or was killed in a car-pedestrian accident after leaving the nursing home unnoticed by security personnel, you may have expenses to cover such as medical bills or funeral and burial costs. In addition, you may feel a need for acknowledgment of your emotional pain in a tangible way.

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Galligan Reid PC lawyers represent individuals and their family members in wandering off and elopement cases involving Iowa nursing homes or Alzheimer's facilities. We can answer your questions, get an investigation initiated and take steps toward obtaining a court order that will require the nursing home to beef up its security measures. Your lawsuit on behalf of your family member who wandered off may prevent similar distress to future residents and their families. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.