Iowa Nursing Home Fall Attorneys

A fall that a healthier person might avoid easily or walk away from with a bruise can be catastrophic when the victim is elderly or disabled. Most residents of nursing homes need assistance with some basic activities, and those with mobility and balance issues require special attention to prevent falls that may cause broken bones, head injuries or even a wrongful death caused by negligence.

Des Moines Nursing Home Injury Lawyers

The attorneys of Galligan Reid PC know that abuse and neglect of the elderly in nursing homes are serious problems. Valid, targeted lawsuits that hold responsible parties financially accountable are a vital tool in the effort to create better conditions for all. If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home fall or other accident you believe should have been prevented, we encourage you to follow up by seeking qualified legal counsel.

Do You Suspect Inadequate Supervision or an Unreported Accident?

Our investigative skills and decades of experience in complex injury and accident litigation are important assets when we pursue a nursing home case. Our professional team stands ready to evaluate whether you may be able to recover compensation after events such as:

  • A fall that appears attributable to inadequate staff supervision and attendance during normal activities, or from a patient with memory or cognitive challenges wandering into an unsafe area
  • Injury to a resident during transfer into or out of bed
  • Your discovery of a nursing home resident's serious, unexplained physical injuries consistent with a fall or physical abuse

Benefit From a Free Consultation With an Experienced Attorney

All too often, nursing home abuse or neglect goes undetected, and there is no reason for administrators, facilities or large corporate owners to improve their policies and adherence to standards of care. To discuss what happened to you or your loved one and consider legal options you may have, please contact an Iowa nursing home fall lawyer at our respected firm today.