Iowa Side Impact Collision Lawyer

A side impact collision or T-bone car accident often raises questions such as the following:

  • How could the vehicles that collided have not seen and avoided each other?
  • Did one car or truck run a stop sign, yield sign, red light or yellow light? If so, why?
  • Were there mitigating factors such as poor visibility or traffic congestion that can explain why the two vehicles crashed in an intersection?
  • Did brakes fail?
  • Was a driver inattentive?

Answers to questions such as these may provide the keys necessary to unlock your case for compensation after an Iowa side impact collision. If you were seated where the other car or truck collided with your vehicle, you likely suffered serious injuries. If you were seated in front or behind the point of impact, you may have suffered whiplash or bruising due to your seat belt or activation of an air bag.

Iowa Side Impact Collision Attorney

Whatever your injuries and whatever the apparent circumstances of your side impact collision, you are right to seek legal advice from an experienced, accomplished law firm. Galligan Reid PC, in Des Moines, has helped many accident victims in Iowa recover compensation that was due to them after crashes, including side impact collisions.

Des Moines Side Impact Accident Attorney

We are experienced in working with the best accident reconstructionists and other professionals whose testimony can help strengthen your case. A visit to the emergency room was the first step in your medical recovery. A free consultation is the first step toward financial recovery after a T-bone accident. Contact us to request a home or hospital visit or an appointment to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer in our Des Moines law offices.