Des Moines Rollover Accident Attorneys

A car, SUV or van rollover is one of the most devastating types of roadway crashes any of us can imagine. The likelihood of a tragic fatality or catastrophic injuries in a rollover accident is very high, and many drivers and passengers who survive must cope with head trauma, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other life-changing consequences.

Ames SUV Rollover Accident Lawyers

If you are suffering in the aftermath of your own or a family member's rollover accident anywhere in Iowa, our respected law firm is here to help. At Galligan Reid PC, we are dedicated to extensive accident investigation to expose what caused the crash and determine who must be held accountable for the damage done.

Proving Fault and Liability, Including Negligence by Auto and Part Manufactures

Rollover accident cases test a law firm's knowledge, skills and resources — because of their grave outcomes, but also because so many have been linked to auto defects. You can depend on our Iowa rollover accident lawyers, aided by proven auto industry and crash reconstruction experts, to consider the potential role of:

  • Other drivers whose negligence, such as unsafe passing or lane "drifting," may have forced a sudden evasive maneuver leading to your rollover
  • Tire defects that may have caused a blowout and loss of control over the vehicle
  • A specific vehicle model's inherent susceptibility to rollover under certain conditions — as established after many crashes involving SUVs and standard or 15-passenger vans
  • Any failure of seat belts, seat backs, door latches, air bags or other essential components that worsened the outcome of the crash for victims
  • Roof crush problems and failure to have electronic stability control systems in place

Proven, Collaborative Attorneys Experienced in High-Value Injury Litigation

We are diligent in locating all applicable insurance coverage and other sources of financial compensation for the people we represent. Ultimately, your rollover accident case may become a products liability case if we determine that manufacturing defects caused the crash or worsened the outcome.

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Our lawyers have extensive experience obtaining sizable settlements for auto wreck victims and wrongful death survivors. We know our own strengths and work with other attorneys whose specific, relevant experience can advance our clients' causes. To discuss your legal options after a rollover accident with a caring, experienced injury lawyer, please contact us.