Des Moines Railroad Crossing Accident Lawyer

Railroad crossing accidents have many possible causes, including the angle of the roadway to the crossing, the presence of a train parked on a track obstructing the view, and poorly designed warning systems. Having seen the results of too many tragedies such as car-train accidents at railroad crossings, the Des Moines personal injury lawyers of Galligan Reid PC advise all Iowans to follow safety precautions.

Iowa Train Accident Attorney — Galligan Reid PC

When Iowa railroad crossing accidents occur, the responsible parties may include:

  • The railroad company that manages the train
  • The train crew that is supposed to exercise reasonable care
  • The government entity that is supposed to regulate the crossing

In fact, most railroad crossings are operated and owned by government entities. This means that when there are injury claims following railroad crossing accidents, "tort claims acts" govern the lawsuits that result. Tort claims acts specify strict time limitations for filing lawsuits. Tort claims lawsuits are often more complicated than ordinary motor vehicle injury claims involving private citizens and insurance companies.

It is crucial for people who have been injured at dangerous crossings to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney who is familiar with the laws governing train accidents. Both injured Iowans and family members of fatal accident victims are welcome to contact the personal injury lawyers of Galligan Reid PC to schedule a free initial consultation.