West Des Moines Injured Passenger Attorneys

Any serious motor vehicle accident with passengers involved poses a great risk to those individuals. Whether the accident was caused by the driver of your car or another driver who hit you due to negligence, the issues that arise in these car accident claims can be challenging.

Ames Passenger Injury Lawyers: Sorting Out Complex Insurance Issues and Legal Options

At Galligan Reid PC, you can speak to and work with an experienced attorney prepared to handle any personal injury claim, however complex in terms of liability and sources of recovery. Over the past quarter of a century, we have handled:

  • Claims within families, including children's claims after family car accidents
  • Multiple claims — against the drivers of both vehicles involved in the accident, invoking comparative fault laws and considerations
  • All types of serious injury-causing accidents, including motorcycle crashes and commercial trucking accidents
  • Numerous catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases

When friends and family are mutually involved in an accident, some people hesitate to pursue insurance claims — even though that is what the coverage is there for, and the financial need may be great. We can explain how your insurance coverage works and the likely consequences of any legal approach available to you.

Finding the Best Path to a Just Recovery for Injured Passengers and Families

Often, proceeding with a lawsuit is unnecessary because claims can be favorably resolved through pre-suit negotiation, mediation or arbitration. Your Iowa injured passenger lawyer at our respected firm will engage with you personally and keep you informed about progress and legal options.

After an auto accident that causes severe passenger injuries or a tragic fatality anywhere in Iowa, we are here as a proven legal resource for you. Please contact our firm now, receive a free consultation, and begin understanding and protecting your rights.