West Des Moines Head-On Collision Attorneys

Ames Head-On Car Accident Lawyers

The rare circumstances that create head-on collisions lead to catastrophic damage to individual lives and families' futures. Whether your accident occurred at highway speed or on a suburban street, you may be dealing with severe injuries and serious worry about how you will overcome what has happened.

Complex, serious auto accident injury claims call for solid, relevant legal experience. We offer that experience at Galligan Reid, PC, a law firm known for commitment to advancement of highway safety as well as success in litigation for accident victims statewide across Iowa.

Advocating for Victims and Bringing Together Top Resources

Accident reconstruction, engineering expertise and even knowledge of auto defects may be required to properly investigate your accident and find the best legal approach for you. Our veteran personal injury attorneys bring these resources together with medical and economic experts who will focus on valuing your needs and your case.

Seeking Just Compensation for Life-Changing Injuries and Losses

We have handled cases involving drunk drivers, fatigued drivers and cases of extreme recklessness, as well as crossover collisions with catastrophic results. Whatever the extent of your severe injuries or the cause of your crash, our firm is committed to earning a financial recovery that will enable you to move forward in life. We have in-depth insurance knowledge to handle the most complex claims and negotiations.

A Quarter-Century as a Trusted Iowa Law Firm for Serious Injury Victims

An Iowa head-on collision lawyer must be committed to developing a case for trial if necessary — standing by the client through every decision and effort to reach a settlement. If you need help and legal guidance after a head-on collision, please contact us today. We offer a free consultation and will visit you if you are unable to travel.