Iowa Shoulder Dystocia Lawyer

Before your child was born, you most likely chose your obstetrician and delivery hospital carefully. You rightfully expected that the birthing team in charge of your labor and delivery would exercise proper precautions and meet widely accepted standards of care.

It is no doubt heartbreaking for parents to learn that their child suffered a birth injury due to shoulder dystocia and may live with a disability as a result. You are not to be blamed for wondering if doctors and nurses attending the birth did, in fact, meet their responsibility to take all appropriate actions in response to birth complications.

Yet it happened. Your baby now has Erb's palsy or paralysis of the shoulder or arm as a result of shoulder dystocia during delivery. Did the attending obstetrician take proper precautions to prevent this birth injury? Did he or she properly screen for shoulder dystocia risk due to an oversize fetus or other risk factors and consider a C-section to prevent mishaps during delivery? Did he or she apply training given to most ob-gyns about maneuvers that can rescue a difficult birth and prevent shoulder dystocia when a baby is stuck in the birth canal?

A birth injury lawyer can help you get answers to your questions — and pursue the compensation that you and your baby are likely to need when shoulder dystocia has caused injury and disability:

  • Surgery
  • Therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Compensation for emotional pain and suffering

Iowa Shoulder Dystocia Attorney

Galligan Reid PC has helped many parents and children cope with injury and disability through birth injury claims and lawsuits. Our law firm offers free consultations to parents of children who were injured at birth through shoulder dystocia. From our law offices in Des Moines, birth injury attorneys are prepared to evaluate your case and recommend a course of action, with no obligation. If we take your case, we will consult with the best medical experts in the nation to prove your case and to counter the frivolous defenses that will be asserted on the other side. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a consultation with one of our plaintiff's lawyers.