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A birth injury that is a true "act of God" or "freak of nature" is difficult enough to accept for parents who want the best for their new baby. A birth injury that can be directly attributed to medical negligence is often much more difficult to accept. The knowledge that a birth injury could have been prevented leads many parents to seek legal advice — not only in pursuit of compensation, but also to help protect future newborns who might suffer a similar fate at the hands of the same obstetrician.

Everyone understands that childbirth is risky. However, parents rightfully expect doctors, nurses and technicians to follow accepted standards of care. Brachial plexus injuries that happen during delivery are an example of a preventable birth injury in many cases, according to many experts.

If your child suffered brachial plexus due to shoulder dystocia during labor and delivery, you are right to want answers, as well as compensation for your child. Your baby may need surgery or therapy. If the injury cannot be ameliorated through surgery or therapy, your child may need special education and psychological counseling to help cope with teasing and hardships caused by the Erb's palsy or paralysis that is the outward manifestation of the brachial plexus injury at birth.

How will you know if you stand a chance of obtaining compensation for your child after a birth injury? Our lawyers at Galligan Reid PC counsel and represent injury victims, beginning with a free consultation. Allow us to evaluate your child's case after a brachial plexus injury and make recommendations on what to do next.

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Galligan Reid PC offers free consultations to parents of children who suffered brachial plexus injuries during labor and delivery. From our law offices in Iowa, brachial plexus attorneys can advise you on how to pursue compensation on behalf of your child after a birth injury. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a consultation with one of our plaintiff's lawyers.