Medical Device Hall of Shame

In Iowa and throughout the world, medical device manufacturers have an obligation to properly research their products for safety, to disclose any problems that they have uncovered, to avoid putting these products into the stream of commerce if the problems are severe enough and to compensate people who have been harmed as a result of their products' defects. In far too many cases, however, people are harmed by defective medical devices and suffer greatly as a result.

While it was difficult to determine the companies that are the worst violators of safety and good policy in the medical device industry, the finalists are:

Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon ∙ Transvaginal Mesh

Transvaginal mesh is one of the most egregious and horrific medical device failures since the Dark Ages. Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon, transvaginal mesh was reported to help women with pelvic organ prolapse (POP) by creating something like a bird's nest in the vaginal tissues that would fortify the pelvic area.

The problem is that these products would attach inexorably into the uterine wall and cause catastrophic damage to patients, sometimes requiring multiple surgeries to remedy, or permanent damage. Hundreds of women have already brought lawsuits against Ethicon and other transvaginal mesh companies, and there will certainly be more to follow.

Zimmer ∙ Durom Cup and NexGen

Zimmer is a company that, like DePuy, creates hip and knee replacement products. The Durom Cup hip replacement and the NexGen knee replacement products are particularly pernicious, causing serious injuries and even wrongful death in unwitting patients throughout the world.

DePuy ∙ ASR Hip Replacements and Pinnacle Hip Replacements

Like Zimmer, the name DePuy is synonymous with defective implant devices. The only reason DePuy beat out Zimmer on this list is a mere matter of quantity: While both companies have created a number of faulty medical devices, DePuy seems to be more of a household name and has most likely created more.

DePuy's ASR and Pinnacle hip replacements are among its most dangerous devices. Countless people have suffered pain, the need for revision surgery, swelling and metallosis as a result of these products.

Sulzer ∙ Hip Replacements

While Sulzer's hip replacement products are no more or less dangerous per se than those of other hip replacement companies, Sulzer was particularly greedy and underhanded in its handling of the matter. First of all, Sulzer had knowledge regarding its product's problems and did not release this information to the public in a prompt or responsible way. Further, once the public outcry and attempts to obtain compensation began, the company did everything possible to limit its liability in negotiations with the stakeholders involved.

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