Imprelis Herbicide Tree Damage

Imprelis Weedkiller Attorneys

Homeowners and commercial property owners who have lost trees from the destructive effects of Imprelis herbicide may be entitled to thousands of dollars in damages.

The law firm of Galligan Reid PC began fielding inquiries about claims against Imprelis even before sales were halted by the manufacturer in the summer of 2011. Thousands of property owners in Iowa and throughout the Midwest have been affected, and many are joining forces in mass tort lawsuits against DuPont.

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Iowa Imprelis Herbicide Tree Damage

When it was unveiled less than a year ago, Imprelis was touted by DuPont as a more environmentally friendly weedkiller. Clearly the company did not do its homework before bringing the broadleaf herbicide to market, or did a poor job of warning users about the potential harm.

Imprelis has been linked to massive die-off and damage to evergreen trees and other trees, shrubs and valuable plants. Even before it caught on with individual consumers, Imprelis was quickly and widely adopted by golf courses, lawn care services, municipalities, and other commercial and large-scale users because of its eco-friendly cachet. As a result, many thousands of trees were killed or irreversibly marred before the damaging effects were realized.

After it is broadcast on lawns or sprayed on weeds too close to trees, Imprelis is readily absorbed by conifers and other trees with shallow roots. White pine and spruce trees are particularly susceptible — turning brown with irreversible damage or eventually dying.

Compensation for Tree Loss and Tree Damage From Imprelis Herbicide

DuPont announced in August 2011 that it had suspended sales of Imprelis and was forming a program for recall and refunds. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also issued a stop sale order on August 15.

The company may end up paying many millions of dollars to property owners for removal and replacement of dead and disfigured trees, and perhaps additional damages for the impact on property values from the loss of shade, privacy and enjoyment. Our experienced product liability attorneys will help you detail your losses and fight to hold DuPont accountable, along with retailers, lawn services or other entities that distributed or applied Imprelis.

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