Femur Fractures and Other Complications of Using Fosamax

Fosamax, the popular pill for building bone density and preventing osteoporosis, may actually cause a condition that damages and weakens bones. Some people who have taken Fosamax have suffered fracture of their femur or degeneration of their jawbone. Other users have suffered severe gastrointestinal symptoms and other harsh side effects.

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Fosamax is the trade name for alendronate, a bisphosphonate medication commonly prescribed to treat or prevent osteoporosis. For most patients, Fosamax works as intended — halting or reversing bone loss and increasing bone density.

Ironically, a small percentage of patients experience almost the opposite effect when using Fosamax over a long period. Instead of strengthening bone tissue, Fosamax has been connected to:

  • An unusual rate of no-trauma femur fractures — A fractured or broken femur is especially dangerous for elderly patients, particularly if they already have osteoporosis. The compromised thighbone may heal slowly or improperly or become infected.
  • Development of osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) — Living tissue in the jawbone literally dies, resulting in severe pain, swelling and infection. Some patients will ultimately require surgery to remove some or all of the jaw.

After the link to broken femurs was asserted by researchers, the FDA in October 2010 required Merck to provide additional side effect warnings to physicians and Fosamax users. Merck changed its warning labels and disclosures, but has continued to sell Fosamax and Fosamax D.

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