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When you seek medical care and take prescriptions ordered by your doctor, you expect these medications to help you feel better. You expect safe, tested products when you pick up your pills or other form of medication at a pharmacy, or when you go under anesthetics during an operation in a hospital. What you do not expect is to suffer harm because a drug manufacturer released drugs that had not been properly tested — or worse, to be given drugs that had proven harmful in testing, without proper warning.

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Did you suffer harm after taking a medication that was later part of an Iowa drug recall? Attorney advice at this point is strongly advisable. Galligan Reid PC is prepared to help you explore your legal options. We may advise you on how to join a class-action suit or initiate a class-action lawsuit against a drug manufacturer. We may discover that your prescribing physician or pharmacist bore responsibility for not alerting you to risks involved.

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Drug Recall Injuries and Defective Drugs

If you have a serious medical condition and have tried for a long time to find relief, you may be willing to act as a "guinea pig" and take experimental medications. However, you naturally want to be told all the facts about known risks when you agree to take potentially dangerous drugs that are still being tested. Drug recalls are sometimes a clue that a pharmaceutical manufacturer knew more than it had been disclosing to patients who were receiving those drugs through prescriptions. Sometimes it is discovered the drug companies were giving doctors incentives to promote drugs that were still in testing phases. We can help you seek damages for any injuries suffered as a result of a defective drug.

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