Business Torts

At the law firm of Galligan Reid PC, based in Des Moines, Iowa, we represent clients in all types of business torts.

Comprehensive Business Tort Representation

If another company or individual is acting in a way that harms your business relationships, you have the right to protect yourself against these attacks. Our attorneys have the experience and the knowledge to effectively represent you and protect your interests. We are committed to doing everything in our power to help you reach a positive result in your case.

Skilled Representation in a Variety of Business Torts

Fraudulent Representation: If you were lied to or misled about material facts affecting the purchase of a product or service, we can help you. This can include the omission of material facts or knowingly being given false information by the seller.

Interference with Contractual Relations: These types of disputes come about when you have a contractual agreement with another person or company and a third party attempts to interfere with it. This can include taking actions against one or both of the parties that prevent the fulfillment of the contractual requirements.

Interference with Prospective Business Relations: Similar to interference with contractual relations, this type of business tort involves a third party's attempts to prevent you from establishing a business relationship with a prospect. In these cases, a business relationship would have likely been established if the third party had not interfered.

Defamation: These cases involve the harming of another person's character or reputation through published or spoken communication. If one party defames another, or a business defames another person, the defamed party can seek compensation for any loss suffered as a result. We represent clients in both libel and slander actions.

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